Introduction Edit


Robin hood, may be one of the best rangers in this game. His domination in damage and knock-back attacks can easily alter the game. From edging enemies constantly with his weapon skill, to dodging enemies while attacking from far distances. With his expert uses of arrows & bows, he can easily attack enemies with precision and accuracy.  Robin hood is very easy to play, thus fits with any play style. Robin hood is mainly a support ranger (attacking from distances), but can also be classified as agressive due to his massive damage output. If you seek rangers that significantly improve your game play, then Robin hood is the answer.

Abilities Edit

  • Multi Shot (SD) Robin hood shoots five arrows as a cone AoE ability.
  • Tumble (ASD/Passive) Allows a second jump in mid air. Great for mobility and escape
  • Flip Kick (AD)  Moves slightly forward as you kick the enemy into the air.
  • Arrow Toss (AS) Throws a lot of arrows in front of the user.

Trivia Edit

  • Robin Hood is most likely based off the heroic outlaw found in English folklore who, according to legend, was also a highly skilled archer and swordsman.