Introduction Edit


There are two power stones when power stone mode starts. You need to keep your team’s power stone to not to get taken away from opponent. So, your team should destroy other team’s power stone first.

Conditions for winning Edit

  • Players must destroy and take over the enemy team's Power Stone in order to win. Of your team's Power Stone is destroyed then you lose.
  • Around power stone area, the skill charge speed goes up so it’s beneficial to defending team.
  • The Power Stone’s HP recovers by itself.
  • When opponent team is destroying our team’s power stone, power stone HP increases when our team hits the power stone. So, fast judgment and proper defense is important.
  • When you are KOd you can revive however revive time will increase slowly each time you are KOd.

Trivia Edit

  • Power Stone is one of the most common modes for 'farming', an act in which players wait until death time before beginning the game in order to get the most reward.