Introduction Edit

LS Michael

A great prince who stands up for those who cannot defend themselves. Sent from the gates of Heaven to aid the innocent, Michael bears angelic wings and a legendary sword crafted by the gods themselves. After demonstrating great skill and formidable poise in combat training, he was sent forth to become the median between good and evil, eliminating evil foes while assisting those in need.

Abilities Edit

  • Glide (AS) – Float gently in the air with Michael’s angel wings.
  • Salvation (AD) – Receive a blessing from the Gods, becoming immune to damage for a limited time.
  • Judgement of Light (ASD) – Summon forth disciples of the Heavens, engaging the first enemy they find, launching them into the sky.
  • Armies of Heaven (SD) – Activate holy energy to smite foes that come near Michael.

Trivia Edit

  • Michael is most likely based off Archangel Michael from Christian, Islamic and Judaic theology.