Mercenary Evolution Introduced Changes

Staff Master


Death Knight



November 12th, 2014

Stage 1

  • Added Jump Hold-Attack.
    • 3-hit Z-shaped attack applying faint status (Similar to Weapon Skill).
  • Rolling Speed (Dash Attack>Dash) increased.

Stage 2

  • Changed Jump>Jump Attack (when hitting airborne opponents) from knockback to bounce status effect.

Stage 3

  • Added a 3-meter Gauge.
    • Charges while walking or running.
    • Does not charge while airborne.
  • Added elevation Jump Cancel to all basic attacks.
    • Consumes 1 meter.

Kage Ninja


Robin Hood


Fire Mage




Wild Tiger


Pro Wrestler




Tao Warrior

October 28th, 2015

Stage 1

  • Overall damage increased

Stage 2

  • Basics attacks hitbox increased.
  • Dash Attack attack speed increased.
  • Standing Hold-Attack knockback increased.

Stage 3

  • Added Dragon-looking energy projectiles on all Hold-Attacks.
    • Standing Hold-Attack releases forward.
    • Dash Hold-Attack releases diagonally upward.
    • Jump Hold-Attack releases diagonally downward.



Western Cowboy

January 20th, 2016

Stage 1

  • Basic Attack damage increased.
  • Added a 3rd attack to standing basic attacks, knockback effect.
    • Changed 2nd attack from knockback to flinch.
  • Pass-through effect added to roll.
  • Rope throw added to counter attack (Similar to Trinket Skill)[Guardbreaker].
    • Captured state lasts 3 seconds.
  • Aiming range increased.
  • Projectile distance increased.

Stage 2

  • Maximum ammo count increased (9 -> 15).
  • Standing Hold-Attack Changes:
    • After Quick aim, pressing attack again fires another shot (up to 5 shots) with flinch effect.
    • After Full aim, pressing attack again fires another shot (up to 5 shots) with knockback effect [Guardbreaker].
  • Added rolling after shooting mechanic.
  • Added shooting directly after rolling mechanic.
    • Requires aim position before performing roll.

Mighty Paladin


Running Back

September 28th, 2016

Stage 1

  • Dash Hold-Attack changed to ball projectile.
  • Jump Attack changed to ball projectile.
  • Added a 2nd Attack to Dash Attack.
    • Pressing Attack again throws ball projectile.
  • Previous Jump Attack changed to jump Hold-Attack.

Stage 2

  • Overall damage increased.
  • Standing Hold-Attack stun changed to 3 seconds.
  • Added Direction Change mechanic with Jump Attack and Jump Hold-Attack.

Stage 3

  • Added a 2nd Attack to standing Hold-Attack, knockback effect.
  • Added counterattack to Deflect.
  • Hold-Attack hitbox increased.
  • Weapon Skill Changes:
    • Cooldown decreased.
    • Added Groundhit.
    • Added jump state cast.

Grim Reaper

November 2nd, 2016

Stage 1

  • Hold-Attack changed from stand launcher to forward dash launcher and into a jumping state (Similar to Weapon Skill) [Guardbreaker].
    • Can be performed while standing, running or jumping.

Stage 2

  • 3rd attack of standing basic attacks changed from knockback to faint status.
  • Damage of standing basic attacks, dash attacks and Hold-Attack increased.
  • Weapon Skill activation speed increased.
  • Weapon Skill Cooldown reduced.

Stage 3

  • Added a 2-meter Gauge.
    • Charges while walking or running.
    • Does not charge while airborne.
  • Added Teleport ability (Similar to Helmet Skill).
    • Consumes 1 meter.
    • Used by pressing Block after any basic attack or during a jump.
    • Teleports to the backside of the nearest opponent.

Monkey King


Dark Shaman


Justice Defender


Unicorn Lancer


Treasure Hunter

Stage 1

  • Added rolling after basic attacks and shooting mechanic.
  • Jump reload delay decreased.
  • Added a counter by Block>Attack
    • Pass-through roll.

Stage 2

  • Overall damage increased.
  • Standing Hold-Attack Changes:
    • Range increased.
    • Aiming Range increased.
    • Added Physical Penetration mechanic to Hold-Attack projectile.
  • Weapon Skill Changes:
    • Cooldown decreased.
    • Range increased.
    • Knockback increased.

Stage 3

  • Maximum ammo count increased (6 -> 8).
  • Jump Reload ammo count increased (1 -> 2).
  • Standing Hold-Attack Changes:
    • Up to 3 shots.
    • After Quick aim, pressing attack again fires another projectile with half-faint effect.
    • After Full aim, pressing attack again fires another projectile with dizzy effect [Guardbreaker].
    • Standing Hold-Attack projectile speed increased when fully aimed.
  • Added an Attack to counter
    • Melee attack applying half-faint status.

Taekwon Do Master

April 12th, 2017

Stage 1

  • Changed 2nd attack of standing basic attacks from knockback to bounce status effect.
  • Dash input added to standing and dash basic attacks.
    • Kick attack applying faint status.
  • Basic attacks hitbox increased.

Stage 2

  • Overall damage increased.
  • Added Dash Hold-Attack.
    • Heavy down kick applying dizzy status.
  • Basic attacks forward distance increased.
  • Changed counter from Block>Attack to Deflect>Attack.
  • Weapon Skill Cooldown decreased.

Stage 3

  • Added a 1-meter Gauge (4-Second Cooldown).
  • Added Evasion ability.
    • Consumes meter.
    • Used by pressing dash input while hitstunned/flinched/fainted to roll away.
    • Pressing Attack after Evasion performs the same attack of Dash Hold-Attack.

Iron Knight

June 7th, 2018

Stage 1

  • Weapon Skill changes:
    • Full invincibility frames for the duration of the skill.
    • Added Groundrecovery mechanic.
    • 1st and 2nd hits changed to flinches, 3rd hit changed to faint status.
  • Changed Jump Hold-Attack against airborne opponents from knockback to bounce status.
  • Changed Dash Attack from half-faint to dizzy status.

Stage 2

  • Removed block reset (Infinite Blocking).

Stage 3

  • Added a 60-meter Gauge.
    • Fills up by attacking, blocking, or taking damage.
  • Added Mini Hold-Attack.
    • Hitting blocking opponents applies dizzy stattus Dizzy status.
  • Added dash cancel to standing basic attacks, block, and counter attack.
  • Changed counter from Block>Attack to Deflect>Attack.

Savage Berserker


Zhuge Liang

Stage 1

  • All basic attacks projectiles speed and distance travel increased.
  • Added projectile to dash input.
  • Jump attack projectile speed and knockback increased.
  • Added Jump Hold-Attack.
    • Ground slam applying whirlwind elevation status [Groundhit].
  • Changed 3rd standing basic attack from knockdown to dizzy status.

Stage 2

  • Added Standing Hold-Attack (Similar to Weapon Skill)
    • Releasing Hold-Attack places a tornado's initial spawn point, pressing Attack again releases the tornado towards the end point selected.
    • Applies whirldwind status followed by falldown.
  • Weapon Skill damage, travel distance and cooldown increased.

Lightning Mage






Zhao Yun


Wild Boxer










King Arthur

July 4th, 2018

Stage 1

  • Basic Attacks damage slightly increased.
  • Added Air Dash attack, applying Bounce status.
  • Dash Hold-Attack forward distance increased.

Stage 2

  • Mini Hold-Attack 1-meter projectile Changes:
    • Size of projectile greatly increased.
    • Number of hits of projectile increased (1 -> 2).
  • Hold-Attack 2-meter projectile Changes:
    • Size of projectile greatly increased.
    • While Standing: Horizontal and Vertical knockback increased.
    • Jump Hold-Attack makes Arthur enter jump state if projectile hit is successful.
  • Added dash input while blocking.
    • Slightly advance forward, attacking with shield.
    • Applying Flinch status.
  • Gauge Changes:
    • Gauge slightly increases when attacking a blocking opponent.
    • Gauge increase value from hitting opponents slightly increased.
  • Weapon Skill Changes:
    • Range increased.
    • Cooldown time slightly reduced.

Smile Joker

August 1st, 2018

Stage 1

  • Added Jump cancel mechanic to Dash Attack.
  • Forward distance of Dash Attack increased.
    • Forward distance travel of Dash Hold-Attack increased.
  • Added a second Jump Attack.
  • Added Jump Hold-Attack.
    • Frontflip hammer attack applying Bounce status on opponents.
    • Player re-enters Jump state on hit. [Can be repeated up to 3 times]
  • Added counter Block>Attack. [Similar to Dash Attack, no Jump cancel]

Stage 2

  • Added Jump>Block input.
    • Holds a balloon to glide downward.
    • Speed does not affect gliding speed.
    • Capable of attacking after gliding.
  • Added Mini Hold-Attack.
    • Same multi-hit hammering attack previously executed by Attack>Attack>Hold-Attack.
  • Added Guardbreak mechanic to Hold-Attack.
  • Added Hold-Jump input.
    • Summons a rotating balloon.
    • Pressing Jump cancels the balloon.
    • Pressing Attack advances forward grabbing an opponent, attaching the balloon to the opponent to send them floating upwards (Similar to Trinket Skill).


August 29th, 2018

Stage 1

  • Hold-Attack>Attack Changes:
    • Overall damage slightly increased.
    • Forward distance increased.
    • Changed from half-faint>knockback to half-faint>faint.

Stage 2

  • Jump>Dash vertical hitbox slightly increased.
  • Added Hold-Attack>Jump:
    • Jump input is an uppercut launcher [Groundhit with slight knockback].
  • Added Hold-Attack>Attack>Attack:
    • After third attack, another dash is possible.