LS Mafia

Introduction Edit

This mercenary is armed with the fast Double-Handguns and a hidden Dagger. Mafia emerged from the darkest side of the Old Town streets and entered through the Time Gate to face a new world of enemies. Mafia is armed with two Pistols and a high Rapid Fire Rate. After kicking an enemy up into the air by using the High Kick Skill, Mobster is capable of putting hundreds of bullets in an enemy's body. The quick reloads of his/her guns and the ability to fire from both weapons at once have earned this Mobster the title of "Boss". Also, he/she tries to reload while avoiding attacks. Do not mess with Mafia when you face one amongst the various heroes of time and space! Mobster has quite a different style, so only an experienced leader is able to control him/her.

Trivia Edit

  • Mafia is listed on the Nexon(EU) website as "Mobster".