Lost Saga


I.O. Entertainment (KR), Tencent (CN)


IO Entertainment (KR), Z8Games (NA), Garena (TH), Garena (TW), Gemscool (ID), Tencent (CN)


Windows (7, 8, 10)

Release date(s)

November 2009


Online Multiplayer


Online Fighting Game


Client Download, Steam (NA)

Introduction Edit

Lost Saga is a 3d brawler mmo featuring a variety of playable heroes with interchangeable gear/abilities. The game is developed by Korean company I.O Entertainment and was originally hosted in North America by OGPlanet until the 18th of February, 2013. As of January, 2015, Z8Games hosts Lost Saga (NA). Nexon had previously hosted Lost Saga (EU) however servers closed on 08/04/15.

Content and features (including heroes) vary between the regional versions of Lost Saga. As such: all information in this wiki is subject to change and variation.

Lost Saga Official Teaser Trailer "Choose Your Hero!"

Lost Saga Official Teaser Trailer "Choose Your Hero!"


Players fight each other on a series of suspended platforms in a variety of environments and under a variety of conditions.  Players select one of their heroes to play as upon spawning, but may change their heroes at any time (as long as they are not under attack, are not in the air, and have not lost any of their gear).  

Characters have access of four different abilities, each of them dependent on their gear.  It is possible for a player to alter his or her individual heroes' abilities by equipping different gear (gear can be purchased with in-game currency (Pesos) or ZP(NA)/NX(EU) credit in the in-game store, either specifically for a limited time or a random, permanent gear).  The four types of gear a hero has are:

  • Weapon (SD)
  • Armor (ASD)
  • Helm (AD)
  • Trinket (AS)

​*The letters in parenthesis indicate the letter keys required to be pressed simultaneously to use the abilities.  Individually pressed, (A) causes the hero to jump; (S) causes the hero to guard; (D) triggers the hero's basic attack.'

Above the player's character is their health bar, which dwindles whenever he or she is hit or falls off the stage.  Once the character's health bar is empty, each attack afterward will tear off a piece of gear, resulting in the character losing one of its abilities.  Depending on the mode, a character that is hit and has no gear left will either be defeated or it will be captured (in modes in which a character is captured, it can be freed by being hit by a teammate; falling of the stage will result in the character being subsequently defeated).  The modes currently available are: