Introduction Edit


The Lightning Mage is a special breed of Mage that prefers to attack up close rather than from a distance. It manipulates the power of Lightning emanating from its Thunderbolt Staff to stun and set enemies up for lengthy health-reducing combos. The Lightning Mage hero is ideal in both 1v1 and for teams as it can quickly help your teammates with raising enemies back up from faints and can add a little extra stun time as your teammates prepare to do their own combos.

Abilities Edit

  • Lightning (SD) Lightning Mage will look up while a controllable stream of Lightning strikes down at his/her opponents.
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    Electrify (AD) Surround himself/herself in an aura of Lightning that will stun and damage any direct attack and a few skills.
  • Thunderbolt (ASD) Extend his/her arm and a thunderbolt will stretch forward hitting any opponent 3 times.
  • Chain Spark (AS) Make a 360 Degree Lightning Wave around him/her that will zap all enemies in its range.

Trivia Edit

  • Lightning Mage is the the only Magic user who has the ability to run. This was only added in later versions of Lost Saga.