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Mercenary #1 : Iron Knight Edit

Iron Knight is a sword-wielding knight, relying on his armor for defense and fainting his enemies with his sword thrusts. Iron Knight is among the faster of Melees and easy to use. A great beginner Mercenary.

Iron Knight is considered the main Icon of Lost Saga.

  • Fast Faints
  • Multiple Launchers
  • Easy to use
  • Mediocre Speed
  • Strong Defense
  • Good 1 versus 1 Capability
  • Low Skill Ceiling
  • Low Combo Potential
  • Small Hitbox (Bad Area Of Effect)
  • Bad Teamfight Capability
  • No Jump Cancels
  • No Dash Cancels
  • Slight delay on Counter Attack

Game play Edit

- 4 Basic Combo attacks, final attack is a [Launcher]. Holding Attack during final attack preforms a charged launcher attack, dealing more damage.

- Hold-Attack preforms a thrust, hitting an opponent makes them [faint]. Thrust can be preformed to start or during the middle of the first 3 Basic Combo attacks.

- Jumping then pressing Attack preforms a Jump attack, hitting airborne opponents [knocks back] while hitting standing opponents[half-faints].

- Jumping then pressing Hold-Attack preforms an air thrust, hitting airborne opponents [knocks back] while hitting standing opponents [faints].

- Dashing then pressing Attack preforms a sword swipe, [half faints] standing opponents.

- Dashing then pressing Attack for the second time preforms a [launcher].

- Dashing then Holding Attack preforms a [launcher] directly.

Gear Ability Name Skill


Triple Slash Attack with 3 consecutive slashes, knocking opponent backwards'[Airborne Cast : A powerful thrust that faints opponent]


Refuge Push opponent away upon hit


Headbutt Ram opponent with your helmet, causing them to get stunned


Dexterity Increase movement speed of yourself & nearby allies
File:Iron Knight Evolution Update Banner.jpg

Evolution Edit

Iron Knight Evolution focuses on making Iron Knight more tactical in his Game play style, applying a higher skill ceiling & a slightly higher combo potential.Template:Mercenary Template

Stage Changes & Additions
1st Stage - Added Ground recovery mechanic to Weapon Skill

- Weapon skill [Invincibility frames] increased to last for duration of skill

- Weapon skill function changed to combo standing enemies & final strike applies [faint].

- Air Hold-Attack function changed to bounce airborne opponents

- First Dash Attack function changed to apply [dizzy]

2nd Stage - Applied Infinite Blocking
3rd Stage - Added Passive Gauge (60 meters). Fills up from attacks, blocking, and taking damage

- NEW Hold-Attack : [Dizzy] applied when used on a guarding opponent, no effect otherwise. (Requires 30 meter passive to be activated)

- Added [Dash cancel] to basic attacks, block, and [Counter attack]

- [Deflect] added

- Changed [Counter attack] to be after deflect

File:Iron Knight Evolution Update
  • Fast Faints
  • Multiple Launchers
  • Easy to use
  • Mediocre Speed
  • Strong Defense
  • Good 1 versus 1 Capability
  • Guard Break
  • Dash Cancels on basic attacks, block & Counter Attack
  • Small Hitbox (Bad Area Of Effect)
  • Bad Teamfight Capability
  • No Jump Cancels
  • Passive Gauge (30 out of 60)

Balance Patch History Edit

Iron Knight received his second re-form during [Winds Of Change] update that includes :

Winds Of Change Update Changes & Additions
Iron Knight - Basic Attacks having more forward movement, covering larger distance

- Dash Attack received a secondary attack [Launcher]

- Dash Hold-Attack cast-time tweaked to launch immediately

- Hold-Attack cast-time decreased

- Jump Hold-Attack added, a thrust attack causing [faint]

- Airborne Weapon Skill tweaked to [faint]

Trivia Edit

- As seen from his number, Iron Knight is the first Mercenary created & released for Lost Saga.

- Iron Knight resembles the Icon of Lost Saga with his default helmet artwork being the Icon of the game launcher file, while [North America Lost Saga] uses his default sword artwork for their launcher.

- Iron Knight received his [Evolution] on 6th of June, 2017.

- Iron Knight is the 3rd among the 4 [Mercenary Evolution Contest Winners]

- During [Crown Control Mode], Iron Knight can't use his Jump Hold-Attack while wearing the crown, same goes for his Default Trinket Skill.

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