Introduction Edit

Lost saga hwarang by ekakasen-d89diym

The Hwarang were a group of elite male youth in historical Korea that were also known as "Flower Boys". These men were known for known for their physical beauty and their use of make-up and cosmetics. They were both scholors and warriors that were born from noble families.

Abilities Edit

  • Zephyr Shot(AS) – Charge up & fire Hwarang’s bow to damage and knockback foes.
  • Typoon Shield (AD) – Activate a swirling typoon of energy around Hwarang that deflects foes attacks.
  • Whirlwind Swipe (ASD) – Channel energy for a short period and unleash a devastating attack to knock back foes.
  • Straight Slice (SD) – Slice the foe repeatedly, dealing heavy damage and knocking them back.

Trivia Edit

  • Hawarang are most likely based on the elite group of male youth in Silla, an ancient Korean kingdom that lasted until the 10th century.