Introduction Edit

1 LostSaga BossMode

Boss raid mode is battle up to 1 vs 15, aka mass attack mode. One user will be selected as a boss randomly at starting. When you knock out opponent team member, the boss’s power strengthens. When boss dies, the next boss will be determined based on the line up or damage.

Conditions for winning Edit

Death Time (DT) Edit

  • During DT resurrection is possible.
  • When team kills the boss, the catching boss team wins.
  • When the boss kills opponent team, the boss wins. 

Red Gage (Boss Possibility Gage) Edit

  • Shows possibility of becoming boss.
  • If the red gage is full when the boss dies, you become the next boss.
  • The gage is increased by doing damage to the boss.
  • When you die, the red gage will reset.

Blue Gage (Boss Power Gage) Edit

  • Shows your boss power up to level 10 (Super Boss).
  • In boss state, when boss catching team member dies, one space increases +HP increases +given time increases+ unbeaten for certain time.
  • When the boss gets stronger and dies, HP recovery and unbeatable time reduces.
  • After being KO'd as the boss, your boss power gage is saved.If you become boss again, you start with the gage level you finished on previously.