Accessories Release Date : 27-04-16 Accessory Reinforcement System Release Date : 06-06-17


Accessory boxes are purchased from the Special tab in Shop or can be won from Pirate Barrel Mini-game at Stage 10.

Accessory boxes come in 4 types :   Ring Accessory Box   Necklace Accessory Box   Bracelet Accessory Box   Accessory Package Box (Contains all 3 different Accessory Boxes) Opening accessory boxes yields 30 days of a random accessory.

You can see your accessories from the Accessories tab in your inventory.

Accessories Icons are displayed next to your skills User-Interface in Battles. They can also be viewed by hovering your mouse over a mercenary wearing them.

Accessories are sold for 1,000 Pesos despite the duration remaining or the enchantment value.

After openning an accessory box, Accessories may last in the 'Gift' Tab of your Inventory for 7 days before expiring.

Reinforcement System

Once enhancement has been completed, it cannot be undone.

You can use different types of accessories as straightening material (e.g. a necklace can be used as a material to strengthen rings).

Strengthened accessories gain 30% of the remaining time on the fodder accessory. (e.g. a ring with 29 days left will transfer over 9 days when used as fodder)

An accessory must have at least 24 hours left on it to be eligible as strengthening material.

Enhanced accessories cannot be strengthened once the maximum enhancement value has been reached.

Accessory extenders are the only means of extending an accessory's duration after maximum enchantment.